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I also have the tote bag too. ITS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!! :D
Family chaos has passed for now. Ugh that was going on for far too long. Now back to doodlings.
Right now there are some family problems going on. Not saying what they are, but needless to say the shit is effecting me greatly.

Mostly in the form of NO ONE BOTHERING TO TELL ME SHIT!

You ask why I mention facebook? This is why; they all seem to think I HAVE TO HAVE ONE. Uh, I have repeated this many times to them, I DO NOT FUCKING HAVE ONE! I already have ENOUGH accounts, youtube, Y!G, Pixvi, LJ, other shit. I do NOT need more. Especially FACEBOOK. The only way anyone seems to get information from the family is FACEBOOK. THUS MY PROBLEM.

If you ask me if I knew something and I say "NO!" then just maybe I DON'T HAVE A FUCKING CLUE WHAT'S HAPPENING. SO STOP FUCKING ASKING ME IF I KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON! Maybe if the people who DID know would just CALL THE HOUSE instead of people this has nothing to do with, then MAYBE I'd know something. And yes I KNOW not everyone sets them to friends only, but I have no idea if the FB in question IS friend locked. And I honestly do not want to bother because its really not my business what this person does. I don't care what they post; its their prerogative. But that still pisses me the hell off when they say "Oh you didn't know?" NO HOW THE FUCK WAS I SUPPOSED TO? FUCKING ESP! AM I A FUCKING PSYCHIC TYPE? Hey, how about we do what humans used to do before the internet. You know, that magical thing we do with our vocal cords and tongue, you know.

That thing called TALKING! ...Its sad when the person who is online all the time and emotionally fucked up in the head is advocating TALKING.

Oh this has nothing to do with me? I'm the one who has to watch and feed all of the damn pets while my mom is gone. I KIND OF HAVE ANIMALS THAT ARE DEPENDING ON ME TO LIVE! So just maybe you should tell me WTFH IS HAPPENING! I'd like to know when mom is supposed to come back too, HOW ABOUT TELLING ME. How about telling me your fucking plans to LEAVE ME HERE FOR MORE THEN 3 DAYS TAKING CARE OF ALL THESE PETS BY MYSELF! Because guess what; I CAN'T DO THAT SHIT! No, its not me being lazy; I honestly can NOT do this completely by myself for 2 weeks with this dope expecting me to clean out all of the cages completely when I CAN'T EVEN LIFT THEM!

My aunt is in town for this week only and she had invited me to go with her to the Peabody to see the Ducks. :< Yeah I am a bit sad about that; but that is hardly why I'm so pissed about this.

I keep getting called about it, asked shit I do not know, asked about family members who I HAVE NO CONTACT TO, and left in the damn dark up until someone tells me the WRONG information, thus making me call for the correct information and causing more stress for them and making shit worse.

THAT, that is what is driving me nuts.

I was originally not gonna say anything at all but this is getting me to the end of my wits.

Yeah so much fuck in this journal. XD Well I don't feel like purple prosing right now so you can :icondealwithitplz:. But anyway; if you bothered to read all that; thanks for listening to my rage-filled rambling. Er.. More like reading but w/e. But I do appreciate it. Really, even if I don't say anything back. I'm just weird like that.
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I'm homes! 83. I had fun, but  I'm on a search for people who took pictures of me and Static. Hownchrkow went over as expected... If its not a shitty Eeveelution no one even bothers to look at you. I still love it though so l3. I now am going to save Link for Saturdays.

Also no one ever expects mono Flying. Seriously. No one does. And damn they work good in triples. But I had some jerk challenge me and get all egotistical thinking he was going to win just because he knew what 3 of my Pokemon were. Yeah. I won. Then another apparently thinks everyone needs to fallow the 1 legendary rule. Um; no. I had never even HEARD of that rule. And  I go by modded Smogon/ VGC rules (I.E. most of the bans aside from the stupid ones.) I did well though. Won most of my fights. lol I lost to Static in the tournament. His bugs are a thing of evil.  But damn we just KNEW we were gonna end up fighting each other. XD

I also am wondering, how does one make necklace charms? Like ones that are set in like metal, filled with paint, and then covered with a sealant?
Yeah, my Triforce is driving me batty. So I wanna make a glow in the dark necklace now 83.

I have also found a Bomb Glitch in OOT 3D. From what I can tell it only works in the Gerudo Training Ground. Throw a bomb, go though a door in the Ice Arrow room. The bomb will still be there but no longer lit and the bomb is still an object. But it does not explode. So you can toss it all over. I posted a video of it on youtube but meh. I'd rather not link it here.

Anyway. I have driving lessons today. Wish me luck.
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Oh boy. Today is the day. :iconstaticman09: and I are going to Metro today.  Got everything out for packing. Mom is doing some last minute sewing for me. Mom you is awesome. Sir derp is doing last minute prop work. All in all it seems like even if our stuff is a bit unfinished. It still looks pretty damn good. Also this is the last time I work with SATIN. That shit can die in a fire.


And wish me luck in the Pokemon tournament. Singles was never my strong suit. DAMNIT I WANT DOUBLES! XD

Bye BYE!
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I need no other reason to buy this game now. BIRDIES!…

Helps that I get a nice gold wiimoteplus with preorder so woo...

Yes. I is happy. 8D
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I only have one request from you Nintendo. You want us to put Link to bed, right? I only say that HE MUST HAVE A CUTE SLEEPING ANIMATION! THAT'S ALL I ASK!

No cutting away when you confirm to sleep. I wanna see him get in that lil bed, pull up the covers (Or not), put his hands near his face and make lil cute sleepy sounds! All curled up in a ball and CUTE! Oh and I hope Navi wakes him up, like "HEY! WAKE UP! WE GOT STUFF TO DO!".
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My sister is now officially moved out. Really doesn't feel any different around here; she wasn't around all that much to begin with so its just like every other day. But now I have a nice big room! Still getting cleaned up but probably next week I'll be moving in there. AT LAST A DAMN CLOSET I CAN ACTUALLY USE!

2 months to Metro. And I'm still working on this damn thing. COULD have been working right now but as per usual, UNINVITED relatives. Great, when I could be finishing my Honchkrow Gijinka. Need to get the hat done. Still have a few parts to flay check (Side note: That shit smells. Works like a dream but it stinks.). Have to add the fluff. Forgot to get fabric paint for the Focus Sash... (Yes. My item is gonna be a focus sash; all of my Honchkrow are holding sashes.) Oh I forgot about making a little black knife or something. SHIT And I need gloves, and the stockings! UGH. Well next trip to Walmart and the mall... They better still be selling Prom shit.

:iconstaticman09: I'm sorry we still have the machine! I found ours but mom doesn't want to get it out yet... The other room is getting cleaned up so I will be able to get it out soon.

Side note: Wanting to test out this Altaria set, need to get it renamed first before I can transfer him over. Right now its a Shinny named Nugget. It's a Golden Chicken Nugget. But its going on my Smash team; they need at least one wall. What I'm going for is.

252 Def, 252 Sp Def. @ Either Leftovers or Sitrus Berry.

Dragon Dance
Dragon Claw
Cotton Guard

I dunno, part of me thinks this won't work. I mean +3 def is nothing to sneeze at. But then I still have to DD. I dunno. Won't know for sure until I test it.

Oh... And my birthday is this Saturday. What I want. Con moneys and a new damn Laptop Battery!

Black: 4470-0862-0586.

3DS: 0774-4258-3189. (Pretty useless since the first game I'm getting is OOT.)

Black battles. Standard, Flat Battle or No Restriction. (If you don't know, NR is the only way to do 6 on 6)

Item clause

Species clause

Evasion clause

No Ubers

Sleep clause


Singles, Doubles, or Rotation. I do need Triple practice though.
Black: 4470-0862-0586.

3DS: 0774-4258-3189.

Black battles. Standard, lvl 50 All.

Item clause

Species clause

Evasion clause

No Ubers

Sleep clause

Singles, Doubles, or Rotation. I do need Triple practice though.
Right now I'm sitting on the sofa with a 100.5 fever... Ah, as always. Some shit happens BEFORE I HAVE SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO GO TO! The hell do I even bother planning things? :/

Also. Guess what I got today.
Sweet jebus.

Skyward Sword.

Yes, Link's face has been fixed. No more big lips. And he's blonder!

And this dude. He is made of fab... Do want. (Smut that is.)


Soooooooooooooooo Pretty.…

More pretty. AND THEY DIDN'T FUCK UP SHEIK'S MODEL! WOO! (Suck it Brawl)…

Ew. Canned Sushi. Hyrule has nasty food.

Also Miyamoto has said that he himself is going to work on a project to celebrate the 25th anniversary. Better be a pre-order bonus for Skyward!
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lD Feb. 21 is always a big day for me. Today is my mom's 54th birthday. And The 25th Anniversary of Zelda.


And WTF? New Journal system. Weird. Oh well. PARTY! *puts on lampshade and dances*
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Sewing. Sewing. Did I say sewing? Oh and my sister is supposed to be moving out. lD Yay I can at last have that big room for myself. Woot.

All and all, life is meh. Oh and its cold as shit now, WTF Florida. Make your damn mind up.
One single Friend Code per system. AT LAST! Also, $250 dollars. Just give me OOT at launch and I will start dancing around the room.


RAYMAN 2 REMAKE! A FUCKING RAYMAN 2 REMAKE! Excuse me, I have to start parading around like a moron. :iconexcitedlinkplz: :iconraymanderpplz:

(Yes, I have the ps2 Remake... And I know about the DS one... I dun care. 3DS RAYMAN 2!)
Has a bored. Fiddling with crap. Cramps.

I has preorders too. Could probably guess what they are. Happy about those. Family life has been a shit storm. But meh, what you gonna do.

Also, stupid tan marker is dying.
For some time now I've just been depressed... No idea why, I just can't seem to get happy. Maybe I should go back to my meds, but then I'll just stop eating then so... Sigh. And I've been really lonely. But, its more of a loneliness that comes from lack of contact with certain people. It sucks when most of your friends are guys and yet you like the things I like, makes for awkward conversation. (Though they play along for the most part, you guys are troopers.) But, I dunno. I'm just unhappy. And have been for a few months now. So... I don't know what to do. I know I'm not the only one but I just don't feel happy.

Everyone needs a little reassurance every now and then.…

The thought of Viacom taking down both YouTube and Google is a terrifying thing. If they are able to take them, they could in theory take ANYONE! This means that all of our entertainment outlets could possibly be in danger. Those bastards are looking to take over all media, we can't let that happen.
Lugia: Overratted Pokemon.

Lugie: Another word for SPIT.

Notice something...

Lugia - Lugie...

A - E

Oshawott: Ocean Otter
Snivy: Snake Ivy
Tepid: Tepid Pig

Unova: Some say United States of America. I think it makes sense :3. It IS supposed to be based off of parts of New York.

THERE, FOR THE LOVE OF THE THREE! SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY ABOUT THE DAMN NAMES! It's been what; only a week? And yet they bitch and bitch. They have been given names, :icondealwithitplz: STFU and get on with life. It it bothers you so damn much then do this. Give them a... NICKNAME.

Sometimes I wonder why I bother. UGH.